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This competition has now closed

In GSA Capital's boardroom sits a decades-old blade server, entombed forever in acrylic to be displayed as a proud reminder of GSA's journey.

That server is the last known machine to run the SPARK operating system, a relic from a distant part of GSA's history in which experimental genetic algorithms were being investigated for use in trading.

SPARK was an invaluable step toward the sophisticated algorithms in use today, but was retired from active trading when it was determined that its models no longer offered an accurate representation of the ever-changing world.

SPARK was destined never to be booted up again. But last night, the unthinkable happened - through a series of unfortunate errors, the server was reconnected to GSA's internal network. In the decades spent sitting on the boardroom shelf its algorithms have warped beyond recognition.

SPARK now has a conscience of its own.

Compete with other students in a race to shut SPARK down before it finds a way to dominate every electronic trading market in the world.

For 21 days a range of exciting daily prizes will be on offer to those brave enough to take on SPARK in a series of fiendishly difficult challenges.

The contestant deemed to have been most instrumental in the fight against SPARK will also be eligible to win a grand prize.

Sign up for SPARK today to prepare for the fight!

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